I have worked on many personal projects over the years. I’ve learned a lot from experimentation and some of my ideas actually became complete libraries and applications!




  • An ASCII art generator from images.

  • Written in idiomatic C# (works on Windows/OS X)

  • Scripting possible in C# through Rosyln API (WIP)

  • Source code at https://github.com/prshreshtha/Texart



  • A (Very) Tiny Library for Event (Signal-Slot)-Driven Models in C++14

  • Header-only, idiomatic C++14 with template metaprogramming

  • Policy-based implementation

  • Source code at https://github.com/prshreshtha/slotty


  • A tiny webapp that solves systems of linear equations

  • You type in the variables in the “command window” and hit generate to get the matrix (it will accept two variables with the same name so watch out!)

  • You type LaTeX expressions. For example: in pi/4 will render π over 4 (fraction) and a decimal representation. Hit “Solve” to find a solution

  • BEWARE! This is very barebones. It helped me with my homework but I pursued it no further

  • You can see it live at https://redpill.pranjal-raihan.com/

  • Source code at https://github.com/prshreshtha/redpill


  • Simple, modular, extendable events in Java

  • The Event interface may only be used to add or remove listeners. An Event’s interface does not expose any raise method

  • There are two implementations provided for Event.
    • PublicEvent – Anyone case .raise this event
    • PrivilegedEvent.raise is protected by a precidate provided at construction
  • Very old project from high school I used in a game

  • Source code at: https://github.com/prshreshtha/jevents


  • Configuration manager for Java (useful for application/game configuration)

  • Interface allows all JVM primitives + String + BigInteger + BigDecimal

  • Uses Ant as a build tool

  • Uses jevent for event handling on add/remove/update

  • Very old project from high school I used in a game

  ConfigManager manager = new JSONConfigManager(); // or XMLConfigManager
  Config config = manager.newConfig();
  config.putString("sample_key", "it works!");
  System.out.println("\n" + config.toCanonical() + "\n"); // { "sample_key": "it works!" }

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